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The Business Arrangement: A Mail Order Brides Romance (Colorado Brides Book 1)

The Business Arrangement: A Mail Order Brides Romance (Colorado Brides Book 1)

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A fresh new start...

Caroline has always been a practical young lady.

So, in post-war Charleston, where Caroline and her sister are on the brink of being married off to one of her uncle’s lecherous friends, she decides to do the practical thing to get out of an unwanted marriage—find a marriage match of her own and start a new life out west as a mail order bride.

After exchanging letters with Kyle, a widowed Colorado rancher who needs a new wife to help care for his children, Caroline decides to pack up her things and make a go of it, even though the arrangement doesn’t promise love or romance.

When Caroline arrives in Colorado to take the first steps in her new life, she finds Kyle cold and removed, still cloaked in grief over his previous wife’s death. And although the marriage was to be little more than a business arrangement, Caroline finds herself wishing for something more—but will Kyle be able to see past his pain to a second chance at happiness?

A story of hope, fear, new beginnings and true love.

This is a sweet and clean Western romance and is a stand alone story, but don't forget to check outThe Long, Slow Thaw, Book 2 in the Colorado Brides series, to find out how Caroline's sister Mattie's love story unfolds!

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